What We Do

Simply put, Rocking WW Minerals, LLC (RWW) specializes in mineral and royalty acquisitions across the oil and gas producing regions of Wyoming and North Dakota. When we refer to “minerals” we mean the subsurface interests that produce oil, gas, and other hydrocarbons. Having ownership of minerals enables an owner to grant a company a lease for the right to explore for and develop the hydrocarbons underneath the surface; “royalties” represent the portion of the proceeds owed to an individual upon the successful development of the minerals. Most often, the royalties are directly tied to the minerals but may get severed off and conveyed or sold separately.  

RWW was founded by a team of experts that have spent their careers on the exploration and production side, bringing a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to mineral and royalty acquisitions. We’re not speculators, brokers, or flippers – we’re the end buyer, which means in working directly with us, you’ll cut out the middleman and get the most out of your interests. We founded RWW in Wyoming with one main premise in mind: cut out the middleman, the brokers, the speculators, the flippers – and ensure the grassroots mineral owners are getting top dollar.