RWW’s team of experts provide consulting services to surface and mineral owners to drive responsible development of resources and maximize the value of your asset(s).
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You don't have to own minerals to create value in an oil play.Drive value through the management of your surface and water rights

Whether you own minerals, land, or both, RWW can help you get the most out of your resource while ensuring that it’s responsibly managed and developed by the operator.

Here are some ways we can help:

Fresh Water Facilities

Provide the capital and expertise to drill fresh water wells and install ponds to sell water to operators

Produced Water Disposal

Provide capital and expertise to install infrastructure to dispose of produced water into injection wells

Operator Oversight

Ensure operator performance through monthly tracking/auditing of operations, production, revenue, and deductions

Produced Water Recycling

Install infrastructure to recycle produced water for resale as frac water

Contract Negotiation

Negotiate and review contracts on your behalf to assure you are getting the best terms, bonuses, and royalty rates in your play


Ensure land reclamation is performed to the standards set forth by your surface use agreement and the State of Wyoming